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1829 S Shenandoah Ct
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Twisted Owl Fibers Studio is a Hand Dyeing Yarn Studio in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Every skein and colorway we create is unique and irresistible. Please check our Events page for a list of where we will be. If you would like to purchase yarn online please check Etsy for current yarns or email us at

Thank you for dropping by! Hope to see you soon!



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Sitting in the garden!!

Abby Owens

Hey everyone!! Byron here!

Just sitting out in the garden this morning working on some sketches for our booth at StitchesTexas coming up in September! We're getting really excited and hope everyone can stop by and say hi!! 

As for the past month or so, we've been blowing and going! Back in the beginning of June, we packed up the OwlMobile (still working on the name) and we traveled to Washington, D.C. for the TNNA show!

We got to do some sight seeing, and got to eat some amazing food! Best of all we got to see some of our favorite fiber friends and made lots of new friends too!! We got to meet owners from shops all over the world SO STAY TUNED AND SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER!! Twisted Owl yarns may be in a shop near you soon!!!



So many Stitches, so little time...

Abby Owens

Hi Everyone in the Internetiverse! I know it’s been so long since I’ve updated the Blog, but just know that I’m working on getting it all together!
So, since the last time I posted anything we have been to TWO Stitches shows! We went to Stitches West in California and also to Stitches South in Tennessee.

Stitches West… Let me think where to begin… this show is HUGE! If you like to attend BIG fiber related shows and haven’t come to this one, please add it to your bucket list! This show was so super fun! We met so many people including The Knitmore Girls, The Yarniacs, Stephen West, Clara Parkes, StevenBE, Anthony Casalena, and so so many other AMAZING knitters, crocheters, vendors, fiber artist, and just all around awesome people! I knew this show wouldn’t disappoint and I was so right! Yes, we did have to drive for 6 days pulling a trailer to Cali and back but it was so worth it!

Stitches South… This show was smaller, but it was also so nice to have a chance to talk to everyone and get to know the ladies at Erin Lane Bags, Angela from Lydia Yarns, Ron from Buffalo Wool Co., Rebekka from Camila Fiber Co. and so many fabulous customers! I think the best part by far was how much fun we had walking around the show and oh… my… goodness… the food was SUPER!!!! We actually got a chance to see Nashville and every night we toured around the city to find the perfect dive spot where the locals go eat!


Also, in between the Stitches shows we had a Trunk Show at Gauge in Austin! If you live in the Austin area, or in central Texas go check this shop out. On the day we were there they had a class on making a crochet Easter Bunny, which I have to admit I really want to make now! The ladies at the shop; Karli, Melissa, and Julie are all so awesome and you can just tell how much they love the shop and everything in it! Also, the shop itself is a super cool, relaxing, and welcoming environment. Gauge also has a very well curated selection of yarns… including some local indie dyers! You won’t want to leave!

One thing I absolutely LOVE about this job is we get to go to all these fab yarn shops… and I want to tell you about one more we visited, Yarn on Youree. This shop is in Shreveport, which is only 45 min from me, so I consider it my “local” yarn shop. This shop is super fun and has a very nice selection of yarns including some indie yarns, commercial, and art yarns. We stopped in on a Friday afternoon and there was a group of 6 ladies knitting in their nook! I love when shops have a place where you can sit and knit! Knitting is so personal that I think we forget how social it is also. Yarn on Youree is also expanding to include some weaving and spinning! Be sure to check out their classes if you are in the area! Hopefully we will be doing a Trunk Show there soon… details to come!

Thank you for reading! Knit On.

Abby O.

STITCHESWest 2016!!! Booth 1336!!!

Abby Owens

February 11, 2016

Stitches West! Ahhhhhhh! It’s just a week away!

For the last three months the Hubby and I have been doing nothing but yarn. Dye yarn, tag yarn, count yarn. The cycle is never ending. We have been so busy dyeing yarn that I tend to forget about all the small stuff. This week I finally got to sit down and focus on the little details for our booth design, which baskets to take, what signage to bring, which projects I should display. So much to think about. I feel ready so now comes the hardest part for me… waiting! Luckily this week is going by super fast so I won’t have to wait much longer.  

So details for Stitches West… We are booth 1336. We are near the concession stand and the classrooms and there is also a nice big area where you can sit and knit and eat! I hope you all will stop by and say hi. We will be doing some flash sales and give-a-ways in the booth throughout the show and if you come up and you are my Instagram follower I will give you some awesome swag and possibly some discounts!

We are bringing so much yarn that I’m pretty sure there is something for EVERYONE! We also will have some new bases we are featuring!

First, I want to tell you about our Mohair Sock. It is so nice to work with! The Mohair Sock is a nice round yarn that has a soft, fuzzy halo, but since it has Mohair it is also super strong. This particular yarn has a nice strong ply and is a bit smaller than some of our other sock yarns. I have been using it with a bigger needle than I would normally use for sock yarn, but it is coming out beautifully! I’m just now finishing a small lace cowl out of the Mohair (my tester project) and I’m also working on a shrug.  I hope to finish the shrug before the show because I want to wear it so badly!  The shrug I’m designing also features our Lux Sock and our 2-ply NoNy.


 Lux Sock… all I need to say is Cashmere! This yarn is amazing and for Stitches West I decided to do a run of our most popular (and some new) colorways in a generous 150gram skein. The Lux Sock skeins are so fluffy that my tags almost did not fit around them! The yarn is a three ply yarn that has awesome stitch definition and is so amazing to work with. The fabric you can create with this yarn is super soft and has a beautiful sheen to it!

2-ply NoNy is a 100% superwash version of our 2-ply Sock (but without the Nylon). I love the 2-ply yarns, and they are quickly becoming my go to sock yarn. The NoNy is exceptionally soft and of course the Superwash means that it is easy to care for! I love the 2-ply Sock, but for garments I wanted an all wool yarn. This yarn is not as sturdy as one with more plies but for that pop of color it’s perfect and it’s super easy to knit with.

I do have a few more new yarn bases but if you want to see them you will need to come to booth 1336 at Stitches West! Remember to always love the yarn you work with, otherwise, what’s the point?

Knit on!

-Abby O.






Abby Owens

Our Thanksgiving was fabulous! On Wednesday my cousin came to spend the night, we cooked, and shopped and talked… then she fell asleep while we were all watching Elf (after the amazing grilly salad Byron made us!) and I finally got to knit. I’m knitting the Calligraphy Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig. I dyed three skeins in the light aqua and another 6 skeins in the turquoise color. I had started the increases but I didn’t like how my “M1’s” were looking so I ripped back and tried a Kfb. I like the way it looks better, but I probably should have also changed the ripping count too so it matches a bit… hindsight.

Anyway, then Thursday we ate way too much lunch at my Mom & Dad’s house. Every once in a while there will be an odd family holiday where there aren’t any children. This year, even my “baby” cousin is 21… and brought the beer! Around our Thanksgiving table were various aunts and uncles and cousins and children and moms and dads and grandmothers and husbands and wives I am very thankful for each and every one of them. I probably wouldn’t be who I am if they weren’t who they are.

I hope every one of you had a terrific day and now begins the rush for Christmas!

Happy Knitting!

Abby O.

 FauxFetti & Night Swimming

FauxFetti & Night Swimming

 Skeining all the newly dried yarns!

Skeining all the newly dried yarns!

Good news, Everyone!!!

Abby Owens

Hi Everyone!

It has been super busy at TOFS lately. Our summer and fall have been crazy, and a lot of changes have been happening. First, we decided to brave the long trip to California to STITCHES WEST!!!! I’m so excited to not only be a part of this fabulous event but to get to see everyone and everything I’ve only had the chance to hear about. We will be updating our calendar soon to include all our new dates for 2016! Hopefully we will be stopping near you!

Also, our BIG news for today… an amazing new designer, Alexandra Davidoff (@studio_david on Instagram), has chosen some of our yarn for her next pattern release! She is awesome and has some fantastic designs! The Eva Cowl is being released today and will be a free pattern on Ravelry until Sunday, Nov 22. I can’t wait to make one myself!!!!

Hopefully by next week I will have my schedule more mapped out and will allow myself a reserved Blogging time… until then.

Cast On!

Abby O.


FREE HAT PATTERN and Jacob's Reward Farm Gift Market

Abby Owens

Hey Everyone!!! So yesterday we loaded up and headed to Parker, TX for the Fall Gift Market at Jacob's Reward Farm. The weather beautiful and our big orange tent worked great for its first use. Got to meet lots of new folks and see some of our older fiber friends!! There were animals too: sheep, chickens, dogs, bugs. We were also treated with a performance of the award winning Metropolitan United Pipe Band from the DFW area. They played some traditional bag pipe and drummusic as well as a couple of their contest pieces. Everyone really enjoyed the music! Check out some of the pics from the festivities below...BUT FIRST.....

En route!! 



Paisley Hat

This is a semi-slouchy hat. It can be worn either pulled down over the ears or back a little further on the head for a slouchy look. This is my “go to” pattern when it comes to knitting hats. As a dyer, I’m always looking for simple projects that will give me a swatch without being a swatch, hats are my perfect solution.  Actually, I’ve also found this is a nice pattern to try out a different cast on, and can be altered up or down in multiples of 5 depending on the size you need. I hope you enjoy!

For Adult Size:

1 skein TO DK in colorway “Paisley”

Cast On 95 stitches, I used the Long Tail Cast On Method, but any cast on would work.
Join for working in the round.
(K3,P2)x19. Continue K3, P2 Ribbing until brim measures 1.5”.
K all sts until piece measures 9”.
Round 1: (K3, K2tog) repeat end to end.
Round 2: (K2, K2tog) repeat end to end.
Round 3: (K1, K2tog) repeat end to end.
Round 4: K2tog end to end

Cut at least a 5” tail and thread through remaining stitches and pull tight. Weave in ends, block and wear. I used a 7cm pompom maker for my pompom.


Beautiful sunrise! 

Metropolitan United Pipe Band

The twisted owls!!! 

 So fluffy!!! 

So fluffy!!! 

Our big orange tent!! 


Fall Time In The Pines AKA Late Summer

Abby Owens

Good news, everyone!!! It's October!!! And in East Texas that just means its not quite as hot as it has been but still hot enough to make you sweat. Fall time is like Diet Summer around here but there have been a few cool days and some of the leaves are starting to change colors so we can rest assured that cooler weather IS on the way!!


Taken at the Dallas Arboretum last weekend.

We have also been busy in the studio here at TOFS. Experimenting with some new colorways, some new base yarns, and maybe even some cotton yarn!!! In addition to this, we have been getting ready for our next yarn outing!! On OCTOBER 17, 2015 Twisted Owl will be onsite for the Fall Gift Market at Jacob's Reward Farm in Parker, TX!!!

This is going to be a one day event from 10am-4pm and ought to be a lot of fun! We will be bringing a selection of our beautiful yarns for people to check out! These yarns will also be available for purchase should you be inspired to start a new project with something you see in the tent.


DO YOU FOLLOW TOFS ON INSTAGRAM?!?! We are currently in the middle of our first Give-A-Way for one of two skeins of our Witch's Brew colorway!!!

Witch's Brew has been one of our favorite and most popular colorways since its introductions. As you can see in the below picture (photo credit: @asimplemotif on Instagram) this colorway knits up beautifully and would be great for a Halloween themed project!!

Check out the TOFS INSTAGRAM PAGE for details on how you can get a chance for free yarn! And this is our FIRST give-a-way, NOT our last, so stay tuned forother chances to win free yarn or have access to exclusive discount codes for the Etsy Store!!!


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Yarn On!!