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1829 S Shenandoah Ct
Longview, TX 75605
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Twisted Owl Fibers Studio is a Hand Dyeing Yarn Studio in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Every skein and colorway we create is unique and irresistible. Please check our Events page for a list of where we will be. If you would like to purchase yarn online please check Etsy for current yarns or email us at

Thank you for dropping by! Hope to see you soon!


About TOFS




Thank you for visiting Twisted Owl Fiber Studio online. We hope to see you at one of the many events we will be attending. We always have time for a chat, so please stop by!

Twisted Owl all started with a sweater pattern. I had the needles, I had the pattern, but every yarn I bought and swatched was just not right. I happened upon a podcast where the podcaster was talking about a yarn dyeing class. The thought had never even crossed my mind that I could dye my own yarn. This is when the skies opened up and a chorus of angels sang a song while little cherubs strummed those little guitars, or maybe a light bulb went off over my head, but all of a sudden all I could think was… I can dye my own yarn!!!! This thought was always on my mind so, of course…

I did some research. Then I did some more research. I finally got most of the supplies I needed, I found my biggest pot, got a sample pack of dye, and some undyed yarn. That day was the day I dyed the ugliest yarn in the most ridiculous colors ever, but I had so much fun!

After a year of experimenting (yes, I did felt a whole ball of wool, oops!) and finding out how wool reacts to dye I discovered my true joy in the dyeing process and my passion in creating projects from the yarn I dye.

Each and every skein we dye is unique. We hand dye all our yarns in small lots ranging from 6 to 10 skeins. While we do have some lots that are semi-solid, most of our yarns are spotted, speckled, variegated, and everywhich way in-between.

If you are looking for little pops of color I suggest you try a speckled, multi-ply yarn. If you are looking for more of a water color look where one color fades into the next, try one of the single ply yarns. Once you use a wonderfully created hand dyed yarn you will not want to use anything else.

Take care of your yarn:

At Twisted Owl we use a variety of yarn bases and several different methods to dye them. A portion of the yarns we use are superwash, but we also have some fiber blends that are hand wash only. After dyeing we double soak all of our skeins to ensure they are ready for hand crafting.

Hand Wash Only Yarns we recommend soaking in cool or warmish water with your favorite wool wash, lay flat to dry.

Superwash Yarns are specifically treated so the wool will not felt with heat and agitation. You can absolutely use a Twisted Owl superwash yarn in the washing machine. If you decide to do so, we suggest that you use the gentle cycle setting with cold, cool, or warm water then lay flat to dry.

I personally do not use the washing machine for any handmade projects. This is a personal choice every hand crafter has to make for themselves. I have, however, thoroughly tested the Twisted Owl superwash yarns in and out of the washing machine at many different temperatures/settings and have not had any issues with bleeding, shrinking, or felting.

It is natural to see a small amount of dye come out the first time you wash your yarn. If you are worried about bleeding, for example, if you are using a bright red yarn next to a white yarn we recommend soaking the yarns in a citric acid bath before starting your project (the website Better Than Yarn have an excellent tutorial on their website).

Please feel free to email me, at any time if you have questions, comments, or concerns about Twisted Owl Yarns. Of course I also will take recipes, dog pics, and any knitting pattern you care to throw my way!



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